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Via Circonvallazione 8/A
10060 Buriasco (Torino)
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Craftsmanship, art and design.

The future is craftsmanship. This is the idea that has guided Maurizio Bonansea in his activities for over 20 years. In Buriasco, a few kilometres from Turin, his company creates, designs and manufactures spiral staircases, staircases for interior use, railings, seats, tables and other products born of passion and experience. Maurizio’s creative spirit, combined with great manual skills, careful and scrupulous material section and undivided attention to detail, gives life to objects that are rooted in the past but speak the language of the future.

Craftsmanship and design go hand in hand in the hyperbolic structures made from iron and steel that have always been the symbol of this Piedmont-based company. Lightness, elegance, sinuosity and dynamism are the distinctive traits that characterise the products bearing the signature of Bonansea.

Solidity and lightness, light and shadow, a minimal look enriched by the unique characteristics of different types of wood... this is how helical staircases, railings, fireplaces, gates, front doors come into being in an incessant interplay of opposites... this is why since 1989 they have been the heart and the essence of Bonansea’s production.

The best evidence of this approach and this desire to create something new – without ever repudiating one’s roots and tradition, but rather always trying to enhance their value – is provided by the many artistic collaboration projects undertaken by Maurizio Bonansea over the year. We should mention in particular the works produced in collaboration with Elio Garis, an artist who is able to alternate forms conveying an unmistakable feeling of airiness and others with a more figurative quality.

With Elio Garis, Bonansea inaugurated an important division, dedicated to the home: BonanseaHome was established with the aim to create contemporary objects and furnishing complements made from materials, such as wood, glass and iron, that have a timeless appeal. Each and every object can be personalised, in that it has been conceived to adapt harmoniously to the home and its inhabitants. Objects made to measure, created according to “sartorial” criteria, because space should be inhabited and enlivened, not invaded. Craftsmanship, art and design join forces to create balance, beauty and harmony.