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In 1949 Severino Cantiero founded an artisan workshop in Bovolone for the production of high-class classic items of furniture. With a handful of wood carvers, cabinet makers and inlayers, the workshop began producing exquisite furniture. The years passed, and the items produced became quintessential examples of Italian elegance and craftsmanship. From 1982 to the present day Remo Cantiero and his team have come a long way from the original workshop. Today the Cantiero label has become a highly successful producer of prestigious furniture, comparable with the most renowned names on the international market. The recognizability of the Cantiero brand is the result of a constant stream of new products with innovative aesthetics and superb quality. Cantiero can boast of having revived classic furniture with new forms and colours. Every item of furniture produced by Cantiero is embellished with a finish whose techniques are dictated by tradition. The various phases of finishing not only have an aesthetic impact, but also enable the item to last and increase in value over time. The colours are natural. All the products used are patented and class 1 compliant with EEC standards.