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INFO ABOUT Caspani Tino Group - The Throne

Caspani Tino present THE THRONE, a new and extraordinary collection. Ever since associated with royal power our Throne is nowadays conceived to let a dream come true. Its impressive dimensions, precious materials and rich details will infuse sensation of majesty into everyone who will enjoy the privilege of sitting on it. Caspani Tino Group create Collections that are the essence of a lifestyle, of an emotion, of a colour, of a trip, of a dream.
Challenging time and trends, they will bring in Your house an unchangeable touch of art, history and originality, enhancing with the charisma and the elegance that only masterpieces can give. It is an attention to our customer, who remains in the centre of our company philosophy.
The Throne Collection is unique and original, the griffe Caspani Tino 100% Made in Italy is affixed on each item, to protect the brand from counterfeiter's imitation attempts.