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Via Valedera P. 103
56038 Ponsacco (Pisa)
  +39 0587 731307
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CPRN Homood

CPRN HOMOOD is a leader brand in furniture business, 100% made in Italy, which creates its collections with the aim to merge sophisticated, contemporary styles with traditional workmanship.
This perfect blend gives life to luxurious interior spaces that reflect the brand uniqueness and personality.
Each end-user is free to customize CPRN HOMOOD furniture to match and refine his environment.
Each piece of furniture has been created by hand, using the finest Italian marble, embroidered leathers, handcrafted woods, glass, and brushed metals, thus resulting in a luxurious and sophisticated collections, that makes feel at home in a penthouse apartment, a five-star hotel or a townhouse in any capital city.
The main characteristics of CPRN HOMOOD are the sober elegance, the sophistication of lines, the contrast of colours, the choice of precious and unique materials which lead CPRN HOMOOD to be an avant-garde brand of future design.
Our mission is to bring this refined and innovative Italian style into every corner of the world by presenting it in its own way.