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INFO ABOUT Gentry Home

Gentry Home springs from a background of technical-commercial experience and a desire to create a classic traditional style, which over time, expanded into a business enterprise. Stylistic nods to to the past materialize in a catalog that continues to evolve and refine itself. The collection offers a wide range of products influenced by classical style, realizing a complete product line. Traditional and contemporary lines for a unique bathroom, characterized by the brand identified with timeless products.

Gentry Home offers classic and distinctively English porcelain with elegant details, distinguished by quality and reliability of the brand, culminating in a complete line of timeless bathroom interiors. Today, the catalog speaks for itself. The pieces that make up the collections are unique and the result of production experience that keeps in mind traditional style as well as the needs of its customers, always trying to create something personal and very identifiable. Since its inception, the vast Gentry Home collection has relied on outsourced manufacturing, enabling it to meet the demands of the end-user and to provide a high quality of its product line.

The Gentry Home of today is a result of a combined set of technical, design and artistic skills, making it possible to transform ideas and innovations into reality. Throughout its history, Gentry Home has been able to develop a unique style, beginning with a foundation of excellent raw materials and quality craftsmanship –for this it can be considered a unique brand in its class– and a dedication to a demand for refinement. The design is influenced by the past, but reinterpreted by the art director and designer, according to modern-day requirements for both efficiency and style, creating a bathroom dedicated to luxury, comfort and well-being.