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Gotha Luxury by Macchi Mobili Srl

Via Toscana 8
56035 Perignano (Pisa)
  +39 0587 616955
  +39 0587 617777
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INFO ABOUT Gotha Luxury by Macchi Mobili Srl

Macchi Mobili srl is an Italian limited company which was established on 16 October 1992. Its registered and operational offices are both located at 8 Via Toscana, 56035 Perignano (Pisa), in a region that is acknowledged to be the cradle of Italian home and villa furnishings industry.

Our company deals with the production of furniture and its ornament elements and accessories as well.

Macchi Mobili srl is known on the market with “GOTHA LUXURY” brand. Its success is gained by a fifty year experience producing high-class and design custom crafted furnishings.

Aesthetically, our company is considered to be one of the best on the luxury market thanks to our passion for beauty and research for a refined balance between form and style.

Our exclusive design products, which are exported worldwide, are as a result of high planning capabilities and high manual skills.

Our company aim is to provide a dedicated quality research for design, materials, operating systems and expert workforce.

Our team’s focus is to create new trends and styles preserving at the same time luxury and artisan quality furniture.

Our furniture is designed for a sophisticated clientele who are able to appreciate its uniqueness.