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ILS Collection c/o Riccardo Rivoli Design

Via Gorizia 5
33044 Manzano (Udine)
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INFO ABOUT ILS Collection c/o Riccardo Rivoli Design

A BETTER ENVIRONMENT Our main goal is to contribute to the improvement of the environment. ILS Collection tries it by creating objects that have to be beautiful, strong, safe and comfortable. This means that in our environment we should experience a feeling of relax, warmth, beauty and comfort.

THE STYLE We like discretion, simplicity, finesse, good taste. Our creations should not invade the environment but, on the contrary, with discretion and good taste, become an agreeable part of it.

THE MEANS Technology and handicraft can and shall work together. Our metal structures are produced by means of computer-programmed machining that guarantee a maximum of precision at affordable costs. The working of the covers: threads, fabrics, leathers, on the contrary, is completely done by hand of the best craftsmen. The wooden shells, always with a core of beechwood-plywood, are pressed, shaped and veneered one by one. The wood-finishing is hand-made in order to produce at once silky-smooth and heavyduty resistant surfaces.

CUSTOM-MADE We have selected the best materials for you according to criteria of beauty, workability, resistance, but are in a position to supply you the objects using materials, colours, table sizes according to your specifications. With ILS Collection you can decide upon every detail such as wood species, cover, metal-finish, till to the colour of the stitches. Our catalogue represents just a collection of proposals that you can complete to meet your personal requirements. Our new offer will follow accordingly.

THE SYNTHESIS ILS Collection is devoted to the creation of chairs and tables following the principles of the linearity of the form, the great care for details and the best workmenship. Behind each project there is the search for the best-possible solution aimining to optain a maximum of satisfaction at once for you and for us.

Head office: Via Vaat, 20 33050 Bagnaria Arsa (UD)
Operations - Show room: Via Cecilia Deganutti, 6/8 33100 Udine
Production: Remanzacco (UD)
Warehouse: Povoletto (UD)