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Via Galileo Galilei 246
21042 Caronno Pertusella (Varese)
  +39 02 39560008
  +39 02 39560008
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Lampart System Srl
INFO ABOUT Lampart System Srl

In 1953 the LAMPART start its production of lighting prestige in die cast brass. LAMPART care of each model directly the styling and the mechanical part, transforming every detail into a mold unique, so to devote its customers a 100% LAMPART 100% manufactured in Italy.
Class objects that does not follow the dictates of fashion and modern design, but delivering to time their timeless classic lines from detailed custom finishes.
LAMPART has remained faithful to the classic style sometimes allowing himself only a few sedate pace in the contemporary style.
In 2004 LAMPART renews its structure and through LAMPART SYSTEM The product continues to be distributed around the world, true to its lines and its philosophy which over the years has generated an audience of admirers in constant expansion. The light LAMPART furnishes class dwellings most prestigious in the world, Buckingham Palace, The Regent Hotel, the study of the Pope in Vatican City are just a few examples.