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Via Alfredo Fieramonti Zona Industriale
04012 Cisterna di Latina (Latina)
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Legnobagno srl
INFO ABOUT Legnobagno srl

LEGNOBAGNO was founded in 1993 after 20 years of experience in the field of furniture. At first, our business dealt only with craftmade manufacturing but year after year we succeeded in successfully integrating traditional handicraft with modern technology according to market demand. Today LEGNOBAGNO produces quality bathroom furniture in a modern and efficient factory of approximately 10.000 square meters, located in the new industrial district of Cisterna di Latina.

Creating a product means imagining its final version before it is made. Our group counts on the experience of architects, designers and artisans who work together to transform ideas and projects into physical reality. All LEGNOBAGNO products are designed and manufactured in our factories trying to offer the ultimate design and quality. Classical, traditional, modern and minimal furniture are designed with the same care and passion to ensure a product that meets the needs of customers more and more interested in image and quality.

The entire production process of Legnobagno, from raw materials manufacturing to packaging and delivery of finished products, takes place in its factories in Italy. This process is supervised by qualified and passionate workers who work with real respect for the regulations and using certified and first class materials. The origin of a product and its manufacturing is what ensures the quality of what we are selling and of what you are buying.