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Via Giulio Cesare 43
50019 Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze)
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INFO ABOUT L'Originale Srl

L’Originale Srl was started in 1970 from Lanciotto Galeotti’s creativity. Lanciotto, born in 1945, showed great creativity and remarkable manual dexterity as a boy. Once his studies were completed, he embarked on his first work experiences which brought him into contact with many Florentine artisans.

The products—born from Lanciotto Galeotti’s creativity and experience, who today is assisted by his son Andrea—are wholly and exclusively made in their workshop in Sesto Fiorentino, Italy.
It is here, just a stone’s throw from Florence, that chemistry mixes high quality materials with the workmanship of skilled and expert craftsmen.

Murano glass, Carrara marble, hand-cut crystals, and semi-precious stones. To the brass French sand casting and bronze sculpture fusions made using ancient techniques of lost wax casting we add Murano glass, Carrara marble, hand-cut crystals, and semi-precious stones; the resulting products are a unique blend of prestige and elegance.

These reasons, along with a constant quality control of every detail and a careful study of shapes, have assured the success of our creations for over 40 years and have made L’Originale Srl an industry leader able to excel both domestically and abroad.
It was in the bottegas that his creativity found its proper outlet and soon culminated in the production of various types of articles, ranging from lamps to home furnishings to jewelry. While frequenting these environments, he often came into contact with Florentine sculptors whom he began to observe and who introduced him to clay and plasticine manipulation techniques; techniques he gradually refined over time and subsequently transferred to metals such as brass and bronze.

From here the idea to set up a company came naturally and he began producing classic light fixtures, lamps and furnishings whose key features were, precisely, their originality. Today, L’Originale produces classic articles while still utilizing ancient techniques.