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Via Madonna di Campagna 2A
33073 Cordovado (Pordenone)
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Midj Spa

Midj was established in 1988 and it has rapidly achieved a leading position in the sector of the production of chairs, tables and furnishing accessories.

The experience and professional competence acquired in these years are the strong points of our trademark being able to offer functional and modern products of high design.

A right planning and accurate organizational and commercial choices have led to a constant growth of business and turnover that exceeds 15 million Euros per year at present.

A production surface of approximately 13000 sq.m. brings out 350,000 items subdivided into 200 different models, every year; all these products are sent all over the world.

Thanks to the collaboration of successful designers, our engineering department designs, develops and industrializes the models characterized by a metallic structure covered with leather, wood, fabric or polypropylene - as regards chairs.

A great attention to the market, to trends and their evolution has led to complete the available range with products of high technological content where the various materials used in the production cycle match harmoniously.