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INFO ABOUT Morelato Srl

In the furniture sector Morelato with its large collection and proposals of classic and style furniture, is considered as regards to design, production and sales, a culturally acknowledged brand.

For too many years, however the company kept apart from the world of design, but Morelato in the furniture sector, with the recovery of the values of the culture of craft and skills, has focused on the vast experience gained over three Morelato generations.

In the production of classic furniture, this knowledge has acquired an important place also in the production of contemporary furniture by Morelato.

In this way the Morelato production of classic and contemporary furniture, over the last twenty years has expressed continuity widely theorized already in the nineties and exemplified through three design models:

- Reissues: classical models which belong to history, faithfully reproduced from the originals;

- Quotes: pieces which refer to original models, filtered by interpretations, modified in relation to new cultural demands, production and operational developments;

- Contemporary proposals: new models, produced with the help of leading designers, but with an eye for the great craft tradition of making bespoke furniture which Morelato interprets with expertise.