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20005 Pogliano Milanese (Milano)
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Non Solo Luce Srl
INFO ABOUT Non Solo Luce Srl

The company was founded in 1992 as a result of our passion for light and over time has come to offer a complete range of furnishings: not only design and production of lighting for indoors and outdoors but also furnishing accessories and decorative objects with a unique style. Realisations in which art and craftsmanship meet, bringing with them the authentic flavour of tradition and a contemporary and refined aesthetic vision. We like to work with our heart and hands: each intervention is carried out in our headquarters by specialised craftsmen who transmit their care, passion and skill to each creation, in a sort of magic that is renewed every day.

Following the customer throughout the creative process, from the idea to the final realisation, being able to provide complex and unconventional solutions is what gives us a competitive edge, making us the ideal partner for important national and international brands.

We work for both the private Home&Living market and the high-end Hospitality sector and collaborate with the world’s leading brands, designers and architectural firms, offering tailor-made solutions that are perfectly suited to the client’s needs.