Laura Maxi

by Orsitalia Sas

Contemporary bed with large capitonné headboard

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Collection: Beds

LAURA MAXI design bed with wide headboard by ORSITALIA: tailor-made chesterfield King extra wide headboard, soft and fawn buttoned, in waterproof velvet color pastel blue, other colors available for customization. Orsiitalia studied Laura Maxi as diamond headboard Hotel bedroom set extra wide, King or Queen or in size on demand, tufted. Laura Maxi platform and storage beds, as oversized headboard beds, furnish alone your Home bedroom or Hotel bedroom with an exclusive touch of classic modernity unless time. Orsi Italia offers, to customize LAURA MAXI Italian Design bed with wide headboard for classic hotel rooms, Trevira velvets and water-proof uni velvets, fire-proof grain leather and resistant faux fake leather produced in Italy and granted for intensive Contract use.The Laura Maxi is a contemporary bedroom furniture with a striking modern look, handicrafted by Orsitalia 100% in Italy, Brianza Area in Milano Fashion District. Orsitalia offers Laura Maxi diamond wide headboards full tufted in Swarovski crystal for an elegant glam look. Orsitalia will complete Laura Maxi hotel bedroom with tailor-made bed linen set, with hotel Logo embroidered and bedspread in co-ordinate.
Large Queen Size (for matress 160): W.280 x H. 130 cm
Large King Size (for matress 180): W. 300 x H. 130 cm
Large Super King Size (for matress 200): W. 315 x H. 130 cm
Orsitalia supply the tufted boiserie headboard for Hotel bedrooms