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20033 Desio (Monza Brianza)
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Ponti Terenghi - X.AbitaRe
INFO ABOUT Ponti Terenghi - X.AbitaRe

A specialized company since several years into high quality furnishing's planning and production. The company stands out in major world markets for its young and quality design minding its clients' idea and trend. A dynamic company that invests so many energies and resources in searching for innovative solutions, taking always into great consideration used materials' quality and variety. By the thirty-year experience of PONTI TERENGHI comes the project X.ABITAre dedicated to the realization of 360 living solutions. The programs X.elleDay, X.elleNight and the collection P.100Over sliding doors fit out for any environments thanks to the endless solutions and according to one's taste or living needs. All the elements of the program could be thought in different colours by samle's colours or even in any needs by RAL cod. The best personalization is ensured by "custom-made" realizations planned and thought through the close collaboration and costant dialogue between company and customer. This feature gives to the project X.ABITAre the best versatility on the market.