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Via Bernardo Dovizi 6
47121 Forli (Forlě-Cesena)
  +39 0543 1716055
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History and tradition have an inestimable value.

They contribute to preserve the identity, the link with the territory and the culture of a community. Their manual essence and the “know-how”, which are handed down in time, find their highest expression in craftsmanship and in its creative evolution, up until today’s manufacturing industry.

With its brand Prianera, Polaris designed for living srl expresses the heritage of the family who founded the company. All the experience that the staff acquired during the decades of activity, together with their commitment and passion, distinguish the quality of its products and the strong character of a daring idea that revealed itself a great success: keeping alive the quality of craftsmanship and the vocation of the territory, through a design production, in an exclusively Italian setting.

Shape and function, aesthetic research and technical research on materials, ergonomics and products durability. To all these aspects, the company dedicates attention and care, also thanks to the continuous collaboration with professional architects and designers, who represent the connection between the company and the world of creativity. The mutual exchange of the “manufacturing know-how”, culture, experience and projects has always been the perfect environment where they built their relation with the company, its production and research facilities.