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Design Attitude
The design applied to the functionality and essentiality of the lines and the passion for the furniture built to "rule of art" are the synthesis of the Silenia company concept, which has its roots in the knowledge and ability to work and use noble materials such as wood, natural stone, glass.
Over the years the lifestyle of a company in transformation and the aesthetic-structural needs have stimulated the taste for the use of materials such as lacquer, leather, stones and metals worked with care and love for detail, to make the most of from their potential.
The different experiences with the world of designers and the constant presence in foreign markets have increased knowledge and awareness, helping to enhance the product and make it appreciated in the world.

It is the balance between form and function,
the rigor and the planning coherence to define the personality,
the soul of an object.
Each project has its own story:
commitment and exploratory research to meet
the tastes and choices of the user.

Silenia is born of passion
and frequentation with the raw material, wood, which infuses it.
Today Silenia is a collection of multiple accessories, united by formal coherence, harmony and distinctiveness. A proactive, winning and convincing reality.

Silenia's proactive uniqueness, the expressiveness of each product, whether it be a bookcase, a wardrobe or a bed, are linked to the context in which they are grafted.
Form, volume, style, material are expressed in the coherence of the whole.

Our history
For over 40 years the history of Silenia stands out in the national and international scenario of furniture as a production of high innovation and quality, with a marked aptitude for Made in Italy design, for a style that is always contemporary and recognizable.
Since its founding in 1972, the company has specialized in the production of bedrooms and wardrobes, production implemented since 1987, under the impulse of a renewed company management, from the first real integrated systems of modular wardrobes.
Since 1994 Silenia has consolidated the production of night / day furniture systems, in order to offer today to the international markets, six night and day product lines that can be fully integrated and totally manufactured in Italy.
Today Silenia, by virtue of 40 employees operating in a production area of over 10,000 square meters, commercially oversees more than 30 countries, representing and disseminating the best Made in Italy product in markets where range, style, quality and service are indispensable requisites.