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Tolomeo by Casa +39

Via Ungaresca 12
33070 Brugnera (Pordenone)
  +39 0434 624377
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Tolomeo by Casa +39
INFO ABOUT Tolomeo by Casa +39

The Tolomeo product line was born from the idea of creating a new small universe of objects and furnishing accessories designed to respond to simple but substantial characteristics: quality of Made in Italy for online sales, compactness, lightness, ease of assembly, ease quality shipping and technical details. Valuable materials that meet the characteristics of Italian style, durability over time and elegance. Attention to all the processes, carried out by the skilled hands of artisans or managed by small industries to best convey all the Italian Now How. Planning and research of beauty, design of details with the aim of rediscovering beauty in the synthesis and simplicity of forms. Nothing more than necessary.