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Via Progresso 55 z.a.
36035 Marano Vicentino (Vicenza)
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Trabà by Trabaldo Srl
INFO ABOUT Trabà by Trabaldo Srl

Chairs and tables from the Trabà collection arise from a prerequisite that defines these furnishings – the creation of a balanced blend of the past, contemporary style, and innovation. This is a project designed by Emilio Nanni for Trabà.
This designer digs deep into research on what “chairs” and “tables” really mean, pondering prototypes and creating – with this new collection – a new concept of essentiality. The result is a series of transversal furnishings, ideal for homes and contract, and absolutely perfect for bright, welcoming interiors created for an international clientele that wants something with the right touch of style and prestige, along with a completely modern look for private and public interiors. This vast offer of seating transmits newness paired with solid and unparalleled quality that comes forth in a care for details and the finest finishing in a collection that allows for peerless versatility.
Trabà offers a new look into contemporary design, with incomparable style that refuses to follow easy trends, but rather carries an authentic way of experiencing any and every interior.