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Via Cervano 20
31029 Vittorio Veneto (Treviso)
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Varaschin Spa
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Discover the past to create the future. Since 1969, Varaschin Outdoor Therapy produces in Italy outdoor furniture and complements, combining the hand weaving technique with modern aesthetic solutions. The use of prime quality materials and specific outdoor technologies make Varaschin the leading company in the field.
Attention to details, originality and aesthetic refinement are fundamental features of Varaschin’s style, which aims to revolutionize the way of living outdoor spaces. Garden and terraces are an extension of the house, a proper living room “en plain air”, which offers the same standards of comfort and functionality typical of the indoor.
The vision of a unique harmonic space applies both to the private and contract environments and the cosmopolitan and modern taste of collections is the result of collaborations with prestigious names in Italian and international design.