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Veneta Sedie Trading Srl
INFO ABOUT Veneta Sedie Trading Srl

Established in 1986, Veneta Sedie has imposed itself on the local and international market as one of the most important companies of the Italy dealing with the production of chairs and tables.
The product's design, manufacture and marketing aim to offer quality and serve the customer properly. Indeed, Veneta Sedie boasts of highly technological machinery, which allows production to be very flexible. This is how the company manages to meet the needs of any single market and get wide segments of it, also thanks to a very efficient business network.
Our products, both tables and chairs, are characterized by a careful selection of raw materials, the attention to details and to the quality of the finishing. The right design, the choice of materials and the constant search of new solutions to improve our products push our company to play a significant role in its field. Our production lines are equipped so as to be extremely flexible and to allow our staff to work in such conditions as to guarantee the maximum result.
Among the most significant aspects allowing a top result to be attained, there has to be mentioned the strict "cooperation" with the Italian School of Design and young designer which take part in the realization of new products in an active manner: through a wise and harmonious combination of traditional wood and new materials and a rigorous attention to the principles of industrial design as leading rule.
The company is certified UNI EN ISO 9001. Every company's processes, from designing to manufacturing, from the inspection of the product's quality to the customer care, are planned according to internationally recognized provisions. In this way, Veneta Sedie is able to assure the respect of high qualitative standards lasting over the years. A sure and attainable quality allows the company to reach its purpose: the customer's complete satisfaction.
For Veneta Sedie, quality is more than having certifications: each product results from care and passion, just as traditional craftsmen have taught us. Quality has deep origins and entails an important engagement: the company's cultural growth, the best identification and satisfaction of the customers' needs and expectations and of those of all people contributing every day to make our company successful.