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Via Arturo Malignani 4
33044 Manzano (Udine)
  +39 0432 755029
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Verti Srl

VERTI, is a young and dynamic brand, born from the passion for our territory, for wood and for its history.
Established and developed in the heart of the key Italian Chair District, Manzano, represents the tradition and the know-how of the region. Here wood and furniture represent history, culture and passion.
The love for the Italian tradition, and the desire to spread the Made in Italy all over the world, inspired us to develop seats and tables that represent, at its best, our essence.
Born as a family business, our values are the absolute quality of the products, the attention to detail, the continuous research and study of the materials and the customer satisfaction.
The use of solid wood represents an added value and key characteristic of our products. The wood is carefully chosen in order to show the best veins, and the most beautiful knots.
The skilled hands of our artisans, combined with innovative ideas and design, allowed us to obtain high quality products, with a masterly realization.
VERTI encloses and transmits through its products, the culture of making, the sense of harmony and comfort, the Italian tradition of wood and the inspirations of the best European design.
Thanks to the collaboration with the architect Enrico Franzolini, who personally designed the collections, the products are unique and exclusive.
VERTI for the production of its products, can rely on an excellent organizational structure. It includes all the phases of the production process. Added value and distinctive sign are the internal departments of carpentry, painting, upholstery and packaging.
The vertical integration and the cooperation with the most experienced realities of our district allow us to be flexible, dynamic and to always satisfy the demands of the contract world. We collaborate with international studios and designers to furnish the most exclusive locations all over the world. Our products represent perfect solutions for luxury hotels, offices and restaurants.