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Zuliani Arredamenti
INFO ABOUT Zuliani Arredamenti

Zuliani Arredamenti is the result of a furniture culture that was born in the 60s and developed over the years maturing know-how and technical and creative skills that make each Zuliani project a unique piece, in which the craftsmanship, technology and knowledge materials blend in one of the most genuine expressions of Made in Italy.

The realization of a piece of furniture can follow different ways, more or less articulated. The artisanal production is probably the most complex and structured way in the production of furniture. The production process, while using specialized technologies, equipment and tools, employs a resource that offers endless opportunities in addition: the artisan experience.

From the choice of materials, from the study of styles, from the design of spaces to the creation of technical solutions that are always original and innovative to solve the small or big problems that every project brings with it.

In this way were born the thousand and more micro-innovations that are applied in all our projects: solutions to minimize the view of metal components, original applications to combine and make heterogeneous materials and elements coexist, unique ideas to solve with elegance and reliability the challenges presented by every environment, from every home from every "dream" that our customers have shared over time.

Every project studied and carried out in our furniture factory has absorbed part of the know-how gained in the company but in return it has returned the same backwards, increasing day by day the skills and knowledge of the company.