Slimfold S.3

by FR.AME Furniture

Folding table with wooden top, easily transportable

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Collection: Tables

Program of folding multifunctional tables with tubular iron legs, plastic feet and wooden or laminate top, aluminum edge suitable for catering, meetings, canteens, restaurants, parties, banquets, receptions and buffets.
Structure in 31.75x31.75x1.2mm tubular iron with 50.8x25.4x1.2mm crosspieces painted with hammered black epoxy powders with patented locking system.
Available in three different heights:
- 72cm
- 74cm
- 76cm.
Three plan possibilities:
- wood with a coat of transparent varnish to prevent the absorption of liquids, aluminum edge
- wood with a layer of nylon glued like a clip to muffle the noise of the dishes, aluminum edge
- plastic laminate with flat PVC edge.
Tables available in various sizes. Round chipboard top thickness 18mm diameter:
- cm. 183 (SLIMFOLD S.4)
- cm. 152 (SLIMFOLD S.3)
- cm. 122 (SLIMFOLD S.2)
- cm. 91 (SLIMFOLD S.1)
Rectangular plywood top 12mm thick dimensions:
- cm. 244x76 (SLIMFOLD S.19)
- cm. 210x76 (SLIMFOLD S.18)
- cm. 183x76 (SLIMFOLD S.15)
- cm. 183x45 (SLIMFOLD S.16)
- cm. 152x76 (SLIMFOLD S.14)
- cm. 122x76 (SLIMFOLD S.13)
- cm. 122x45 (SLIMFOLD S.100)
Square tables also available cm. 76x76 (SLIMFOLD S.17), crescent, quarter circle, oval or cocktail (CTL height 110cm and round diameter 70 or 91cm) or customized. Foldable and transportable tables with trolleys (TTE / TTF). Standard tables with straight legs, also available in the inverted T-shaped version (prefix STB) or staggered inverted T-shaped version (prefix SCH). Entirely produced in Europe with high quality and resistant materials.