Dolce Vita

by Orsitalia Sas

Dining table with octagonal glass top

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Collection: Tables

DOLCE VITA by ORSITALIA: luxury big wooden dining table, fine carved, in lime and beech strong wood, dinner table or breakfast bar table of contemporary baroque style, customizable by Orsiitalia both in sizes on demand and shapes on demand. Orsitalia’s octagonal or squared wooden and glass big tables model Dolce Vita are a tribute to the Italian Designs and skillness of Orsitalia’s team of carvers. Dolce Vita contemporary dining big table has been designed for a special indoor project by Orsiitalia’s young designer Matteo Orlandin. The basement of Dolce Vita’s dinner table is very linear and smooth with just little carvings in the middle in order not to diminish the beauty of big carved legs. The tailored octagonal glass top allow the user to appreciate the luxury and modernity of Dolce Vita dining table. ORSITALIA thanks to their experience in producing Italian baroque furniture has gain the project challenge. Around Dolce Vita luxury dinner table you will see baroque beautiful and comfortable wooden chairs model Black, the elegance with the sinuous lines of the baroque style together combined with modern covers.
Sizes octagonal-shaped dining table as per photo: cm. L. 180 x D. 180 x H. 78