Grand Etoile Art. GE004

by Cantiero Srl

Showcase with glass sides

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Collection: Grand Etoile

The sides of the cabinet and of the sideboard deserve a special note. Their shape, which is part of the structure and not a simple decoration, are composed of two opposite curves that create a pleasant adaptation to the living room wall. In a piece of furniture made by Cantiero, the details surely make the difference. That is very clear in this collection which lives on details designed by expert artists and made by skilled cabinetmakers.

The Grand Etoile collection is created using ancient cabinetmaking techniques. The main features are:

- solid walnut structure
- interior in solid ash or oak
- inlaid decorations in solid wood embellished with gold and silver leaf.
- finish in real beeswax
- backs in diamond-section solid wood
- drawers made using the ancient dovetail method of joints
- patented model

The Etoile Collection is inspired by Neoclassical and Biedermeier furniture, with striking yet sober decoration and influenced by the period's architecture. Every item of furniture offers numerous functional solutions, in perfect harmony with the gold and silver decorations, which are applied by hand using age-old Italian techniques. Strong colour contrast between the different parts of each item, and numerous types available. Precious woods and exposed grains give a strong contrast with the decorated sections.