LUCE LIGHT showcase 2 doors

by Adora

Showcase 2 doors with glass shelves

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Collection: Luce Light

2 doors cabinet with glass shelves. Elegance, light effects and modular design for the living area display cabinet, which can be 'built' to the customer's requirements by inserting an additional single door module to the right and/or left of the two-door central element.

Made in Italy design and contemporary mood for Adora’s Luce Light collection, designed to furnish living room, dining room and sleeping area with style and elegance. A sober and minimalist collection that emphasises asymmetries with contrasting materials and shapes. The leitmotiv of the collection, besides the light element that gives it its name, is the search for a balance between density and transparency, references and variations. The asymmetry is fuelled by the alternation of open compartments and closed volumes, and also by the coexistence of the Light Onyx effect (cold and shiny) on the tops and sides, and the Zebrano wood effect finish (warm and neutral) of the doors. Champagne-coloured satin-finished metal feet and handles are deliberately minimalist, to leave the starring role to furniture and display cabinets design. Both the mirrors and the lights inside the furniture elements give the collection a overflowing of brightness, perspective and contemporary appeal. The furnishing concept rewards dynamism and sartorial design typical of contemporary style, without losing sight of fine materials, sophisticated design and luxurious details.