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by Doimo Cityline Srl

Boy bedroom, flexibility and integration

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Collection: Bridge bedroom

Obtain two spaces with different uses is the culmination of design research that provides specialized functions and products "evolution" can interpret every situation. This proposal is made for two different personalities in the needs of furniture is the clear demonstration of the flexibility and integration of Doimo Cityline. The modular programs allow cost-effective solutions and interior design projects three hundred and sixty degrees.

1 - OVER
Over Day supporting side-panel system. Limitless design, a perfect synthesis of the endless options provided by the system. Made entirely in 2.8 cm thickness, with semiintegrated top brackets and, for heights below two metres, with single top. Configurations: floor or wall-mounted, single-face or through configuration. From the wall-mounted bookcase, to the partition of interiors. Structure available in faced finish and in a variety of matt lacquered finishes. Drawers with silent runners and slow return as standard. 1.8 cm thick back panel to ensure good looks and stability in all use situations. 32 cm pitch shelves or with asymmetric pitches as standard. Also available on request with personalized pitch. Side panel drilling only done in line with the shelves and no visible drill holes. Height change without using a double side panel. Single side panel also for depth change, in the case of open-front layouts. Flap or swing doors and drawers of different dimensions fitted as required, available in faced (straight or postformed edge) and lacquered, smooth matt or material finishes with straight edge. The integration between bases, columns and raised units permits endless solutions.

Anta Magica is a precise closing system which allows creating walk-in closets to measure or partitioning of two interiors. Ideal for best exploiting existing recesses, it also allows creating spaces dedicated to storage, with personalized depths, heights and widths. Anta Magica is a one-of-a-kind and original product which allows creating corner configurations with any degree of inclination. Anta Magica is made to measure, both in terms of width and height, and the inclination angle can also be selected. Available with floor or wall rail, in recess or outside the compartment. It is available as a panel or frame, in melamine, smooth or material matt lacquered finishes and in etched or lacquered glass. The inside of the closet can be fitted out with the Ta-Tac vertical rack system or with the upright, floor and wall-mounted Free system. Both solutions make it possible to reconfigure the fittings as required, without the need to drill any further holes.

3 - QIK
The Qik modular storage units programme permits concrete and easy-to-interpret planning. Thanks to the Qik system elements, specialised storage solutions can be achieved: linear bridges, corners, corner closets and Kubo walk-in closets, as well as a broad-modularity closet programme. The main characteristics of the Qik line are: Heights up to 296 cm and widths up to 120 cm. Structures made in all sample range faced colours. Swing fronts available in faced finish with straight or postformed edge or in smooth or textured lacquered finishes with straight edge only. 2.5 cm thick standard shelves. Back panels with colours coordinated with structure in standard colours. Interiors personalised as required with specialised fittings and LED light with sensor, pull-down coat-hanger unit and interior drawer units. Handles coordinated in terms of appearance and finishes, available in fashion colours. 4 cm base and upper top can be personalised in all faced and lacquered colours: a strong sign of quality and design.

The paneling of Doimo Cityline is a horizontal lift synonymous eclecticism lends itself to being used both as a design element, if they use the variant of suspended display brings photos, both as a center design of the room, if exploited in the version on the ground and combined with desks and sliding beds of various types. The main advantages of using this system are: Modular in height and made ??to measure in width. Ability to customize all colors and lacquered melamine in the sample. Available on request display panels and backlit Plexiglas acrylic. Infinite combinations implemented by means of sliding beds and desks, shelves, cabinets and many other accessories of your choice. Up to three-bed sliding on one wall ricompattabili nell'ingombro of one. The wall panel includes a front mounting that allows the eventual replacement of each single panel without having to disassemble the entire composition.

Shaped desk thickness 4 cm, also available on custom design. Candy Sofa bed with completely removable covers, available in fabric and leather, made of various types, combined with two drawers on casters or with a pull out. River bed convertible Doimo Cityline designed to accompany the child during its rowth. The one-piece bed-changing table converts easily start using the same elements in a single bed, a desk and a nightstand.

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