Climb Ragazzi 17

by Elli F.lli di Luigi Sas

Modular bedroom for children, ideal for optimizing space

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Modular bedroom for children with wall units and bookcase, made in a modern style.

Environmental care and functionality agree with pure and modern design, and join your taste and free style. Nothing is better than hanging pieces of furniture ... without handles...or unexpected rooms. “Linea Climb” is not just young, dynamic and evolute: it includes push pull opening, step corner joint and many complements like desks, chairs, racks, shelves, special solutions...
“Linea Climb” has strong personality: it combines hanging boxes in dynamic composition: height cm. 40 in width cm. 40, 60, 80, 120; squared box cm. 60 x 60. Depths cm. 33 e 52...
Climb is completed by basis, shelves and special complements studied to reach maximum comfort and to optimize rooms. Beyond comfortable beds with container box, you can organize, hide, carry everything... and much more than expected!

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