Comp. 401

by Doimo Cityline Srl

Solution for kids room, patented loft bed

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Collection: Bed sets

The sliding mechanism of the Moving loft bed is patented. No need to fit floorrunners. When closed, the depth is 90 cm, when open 135 cm.The castors with brake are integrated thanks to the 4 cm thickness of thestructure. The lock and release mechanism is easy to reach.All the Doimo Cityline beds feature orthopaedic bases with wooden slats.Optional tip-up protection for easier bed making equipped with safetymechanism to prevent accidental opening.The safety mechanism can be of white colour or aluminium, upon request.The 4 cm thickness of all the structural parts of the beds is a Doimo Citylinedistinguishing feature.Rear ladder and platform integrated in the bed structure, can also be used as abookcase.The pull-out writing desk has a thickness of 4 cm and is equipped with asupporting bar to avoid bending of the desk top.The Moving bunk bed is available in various configurations by inserting beds,pull-out bed surrounds and writing desks.The Giotto low bed is equipped with two spacious large drawers, 60 cm deepand 32 cm high, secured directly to the bed structure, ideal for increasing storagecapacity to the utmost.Over shoulder bookcase, 2.8 cm thickness throughout, is available in all structurefaced colours and in lacquered finishes, with 32 cm pitch or staggered shelves;the design is guaranteed by shoulder drilling only in line with the shelves.The Qik corner closet is available in 5 different types and dimensions suitablefor all space and function requirements. The sides can have depths of 46.4, 59.2cm and 96 cm.Shelf distribution and number inside the closet can be personalised as required.Interiors can be equipped with specialised fittings, such as the LED light withsensor and different inner storage units.The Slice handles are available in all lacquered colours to customise the closet.The composition is available even in lacquered version with water paints. Anylacquering is done in compliance with EN 71.3 standard; this is the upshot of acommitment in favour of the environment, but also of close focus on the qualityof life and health of the child.

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