Comp. 902

by Doimo Cityline Srl

Furniture for sleeping area for customizable boys room

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Collection: Bunk bed

The Giotto bunk bed with two-coloured headboard and footboard is available in different types created by mixing the platforms in bed rear and side or front ladders. The curtains available in a variety of different colours create a perfect play environment for the children and help keeping better order in the bedroom. All the Doimo Cityline beds feature orthopaedic bases with wooden slats. Optional tip-up protection for easier bed making equipped with safety mechanism to prevent accidental opening. For caring mothers and lively children, extra protections are available in PVC to be secured directly to the ceiling thanks to a practical fastening system. In this case, this function is no longer exploitable if combined to the tip-up safety mechanism. The 4 cm thickness of all the structural parts of the beds is a Doimo Cityline distinguishing feature. Side ladder available in various models with two or three steps, storage units or open-front compartments; its width can be reduced as required. The platform in bed rear is available with open front to be fitted as you wish or with a spacious integrated bookcase. The safety mechanism can be of white colour or aluminium, upon request. The writing desk fastened to the bed structure has an overall thickness of 4 cm. The Qik swing-door closet features 4 cm thickness base and top and can be personalised in all faced and lacquered colours. An additional design option. The Qik closets can be equipped as required with a variety of optional accessories to meet your needs, including the LED light with sensor, pull-down coat-hanger unit and different inner storage units. The Slice handles are available in a wide choice of lacquered colours to customise the closet. Swing fronts are available with straight or postformed edge. The composition is available even in lacquered version with water paints. Any lacquering is done in compliance with EN 71.3 standard; this is the upshot of a commitment in favour of the environment, but also of close focus on the quality of life and health of the child

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