Veronese 1709

by Morelato Srl

Sideboard with perspective cubic inlay

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Sideboard made of ash wood and doors with maple, walnut and ebony. Cubic prospetive inlay is a craft firstly developed in Verona since XV century. Colored interior with 3 central drawers. Brass feet.

This new sideboard, designed by the MAAM research center, is made of different wood types, which give the model a timeless elegance and style. The frame structure is made of ash wood and the doors have an inlay of maple, walnut and ebony, which create a perspective effect of great visual impact.Inlay with a cubic perspective was used especially for floors already in the 15th century. This form of art first developed in the Verona area and then spread to Venice and has now found new life with the Verona Sideboard. The internal spaces have a colored stain and 3 handy drawers in the central part. The brass feet give the piece lightness and an elegant touch.

L 200 P 47 H 98