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Multipurpose low barstool in beechwood

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Collection: Nhino

Asymmetrical in design, the Nhino stool seems almost to dance, to move, inviting users to socialise and share. Nhino, is available in three different heights, - 82, 72 and 53 cm, is perfect for breakfast in the kitchen, for dinner in the dining room, or for afternoon tea and coffee in the living room. This versatile seat is also suitable for public areas. especially in casual venues, such as lounge bars or fast food joints. The highest version is ideal, for an aperitif at the bar counter.

The frame, with rounded edges, is in beech. while the seat is in beech plywood. Nhino comes in various finishes, bleached, stained in natural tones such as cocoa or tin grey, or lacquered in bright colours such as red, yellow, orange, and many more besides.

Colors: bleached, dusty cocoa, tin grey or lacquered natural ash.

Design: Emilio Nanni

Dimensions: L.42 cm X P.36 cm X H.47 cm

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