Putto Trono leather

by Orsitalia Sas

Throne in gold leaf, hand made carvings

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Collection: Chairs

PUTTO THRONE by ORSITALIA square Louis XVI chairs with arms and high backrest, full carved luxury baroque trhones, wooden custom paint and custom upholstery for luxury thrones PUTTO, the top of Orsitalia's craftsmen production made in Meda, Milan – Italy by ORSITALIA. PUTTO THRONE by Orsiitalia the Classic Luxury Italian Louis XVI Reproduction Dining Chair with high backrest, of an outstanding charming beauty, original and exquisitely opulent to be used in the middle of a lounge, living room. master office thanks to wooden baroque ornate carved also on the back side. A romantic statement design of the finest Louis XIV inspiration for PUTTO Gilt Baroque Thrones. Truly timeless, a statement of superb Italian handicrafted quality, custom produced for modern classic baroque Italian Interior Design by Orsitalia equally a catching eyes baroque furniture in a bedroom, bathroom, hallway, home office into a villa contract project. Putto throne produced by Orsitalia is a stylish marriage reception squared full carved high arm chairs will surprise and delight your guests. ORSITALIA offers also customized hospitality furniture solutions MADE IN ITALY.
Sizes:cm L. 62 x D. 62 x H. 140 (seat’s H. cm. 52)