by Bel Mondo by Bellotti Ezio

Luxury sideboard in inlaid wood

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Collection: Dining rooms

This sideboard belongs to The Lexington Avenue collection which is the result of the influence from an era when elegance and decorum were synonyms and are evoked by the combination of various materials.
The sweet and warm tones of canaletto walnut for the structural lines are highlighted by backdrops in glossy black. The entire look is enhanced by the theme of the inlays made with polychromatic wood types.
The stone nestled in the handles and on the back of the chairs makes this collection even more precious.
This is a wonderfully musical design that is found in all the rooms of the house: the living room, dining room and bedrooms.

Art. 2016-15 Round table - cm. ě 160 (lazy ě 65 *h.77) Art. 201619 Chair - cm. 52*56*h.95
Art. 201613 Bar cabinet - cm. 115*57*h.181
Art. 201610 Sideboard - cm. 201*57*h.93
Art. 201618 Rectangular dining table - cm. 220*120*h.78

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