by Bel Mondo by Bellotti Ezio

Round table with inlays in wood

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Collection: Dining rooms

The tables of the Lexington Avenue collection originate from the suggestion of an era where elegance and decorum were synonymous and are evoked by the combination of materials.
The sweet and warm tones of black walnut are highlighted by the use of glossy black lacquered finish.
All embellished with the theme of the inlays made with polychrome woods. A musical design that is found in all the rooms of the house: living, dining and sleeping area.

Art. 2016-15 Round table - cm. ě 160 (lazy ě 65 *h.77) Art. 201619 Chair - cm. 52*56*h.95
Art. 201618 Rectangular dining table - cm. 220*120*h.78
Art. 201613 Bar cabinet - cm. 115*57*h.181
Art. 201610 Sideboard - cm. 201*57*h.93

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