Canova glass unit

by Antonio Marelli Mobili d'Arte

Classic display cabinet with side doors with curved glass

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Collection: Canova collection

Glass unit with 3 doors, side doors fitted with bent glasses, equipped with internal light.

Furnishing a choice that looks to the classical world is fraught with incalculable symbolic value capable of carrying the soul in the prestigious and romantic light of the aristocracy. But the symbolic values of Canova collection, walnut and feather, signed by Molteni Arnaboldi and designers, are not a simple attraction: in fact derive their full implementation by the prestigious tradition of craftsmanship, in turn transferred with the perfume materials and finishes time of carving and inlay work tested by the uniqueness of gestures and ancient techniques. Surrounded by the charm of these precious presences also the feelings and behaviors take on the lifestyle and culture of privilege.

cm 184 x 49 x 215 h

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