Canova warbrobe 4 doors with mirrors

by Antonio Marelli Mobili d'Arte

Wardrobe with 4 doors, internal chest of drawers and mirrors

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Collection: Canova collection

Wardrobe with 4 doors, internal chest of drawers with 4 drawers and shirt tray, external big drawer, bent side doors, ground mirrors.

Even following the same style as the Living Room, the Bedroom hides different and more consistent emotions.
No change at all in the harmonic shapes, the same expertise in the wood processing, in the manual carving and in the fine marquetry grain; the same handcraft production of a long-lasting experience passed down from a generation to the following in time.
The Bedroom furnishing inspired by Time easily gets rid of the Living details to discover its much more romantic spirit, alluring imagination with attractive and emotional fantasy.
Canova collection expectations are all respected, even trough rich in endless emotions, out of time.

cm 280 x 67 x 250 h

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