VL27 Pois display cabinet

by Carpanelli Srl

Modular library display cabinet, in walnut, sliding doors

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Walnut Pois modular glass cabinet-bookcase with sculptural frame. The upper part has a curved zebrano cover. The drawer fronts on the lower section and the lower doors are also made of zebrano with diamond-point decorated panel. The sliding center door of the main element (VL27/A cm 230x55x260 h) is edged with exquisite zebrano relief work on a solid wood base, done by hand and illuminated by mother-of-pearl dots. The upper doors are made of walnut, with edgings and stars set into the solid wood. Inside lighting upon request. With secret compartment. Additional pieces available, that can also be used individually (VL27/C cm 58x55x260 h).

cm 346x55x260 h