by Orsitalia Sas

Mirror with carved gold leaf frame

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Collection: Mirrors

NEVADA BIG by ORSITALIA full lenght floor vertical mirror or large horizontal wall mirror sleek woodworked carved frames in golden leaf or silver leaf finish as per the best Italian furniture Design. Nevada Big showed in the photo is a custom size W.80*H. 100 cm. but Orsitalia produces Nevada large Louis XV full length mirrors in size W.120*H.225 cm. and also as little square wall mirror W.120*H.120 cm. NEVADA BIG large Baroque mirror with a huge depth (approximately 12 cm) handicrafted 100% in Italy. Nevada Big French Baroque mirrors’s edge clearly shows a difficult and time consuming leaf pattern fretwork, a carachteristic and craftsmen fine reproduction of antique mirror frames for luxury Elegance Ornate Embossed Antique Silver Gold Framed Wood Wall Mirror for Interior Design. Nevada Big full length Baroque mirror is suitable for every luxury environment as furnishing accessory or decor in entrances, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, hotel suites, receptions, bathrooms or picture frames. Available in several finishes and sizes.
Vertical Full Length floor mirror or horizontal wall-mirror showed in the photo:W. 80 x H. 100 cm.
Other custom sizes:
- Full length mirror W. 105 x H. 195 cm.
- Square small wall mirror W. 120 x H. 120 cm.