Professional Massage Chair IRest SL-A90 Zero Gravity Acupressure with Heating SHUTTLE - PMA90SHUN

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Professional massage chair with heating

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Collection: Armchairs

The Shuttle iRest professional massage chair is an excellent find of research that combines the best of modern technology with the knowledge of traditional physiotherapy to provide us with an effective and quality product.

Recent developments in the field of technology applied to the psycho-physical well-being make available to us an evolved professional massage chair equipped with solutions that are as innovative as they are important for our health. A 3D massaging system consisting of air cushions, rollers and air pumps, combined with intelligent detection systems of the lines of our body, can guarantee a deep and quality massage.

The Shuttle massage chair provides us with a highly complex and sophisticated massage, developed from the knowledge accumulated by traditional oriental physiotherapy throughout history. Starting from the 12 main pressure points, to which all the other secondary ones refer, which are found all over our body, from the head to the sole of the feet, iRest Shuttle is able to perform a total and deep massage on the whole our body.

The advanced and innovative features of this massage chair also include a positioning system designed to carry, with a simple gesture, our body in a completely horizontal position without a significant increase in size. Moreover, this Zero Gravity position gives the user the sensation of floating in the air, a setting with two main advantages: a deep sense of calm and relaxation and a homogeneous and total discharge of the body weight that maximizes the effectiveness of the massage.. This last function is an exclusive of the best massaging chairs, an advantage that can not be replicated by a professional massage therapist as it requires a lying down position with the back facing downwards. An additional Zero Space function allows the massage chair to occupy the smallest possible space, both during the stand-by and operational phases.

The iRest Shuttle massage chair has been designed with an ergonomic backrest that respects the so-called LS shape of our back in a detailed and harmonious way, so as to distribute the massage's effectiveness homogeneously throughout the body. The combination of vibration, air cushions and massaging rollers covers the entire body, including the lower and upper limbs. The arm massage takes place with an additional input, in addition to the vibration, of compressed air, consistently with the precepts of traditional massage regarding these particular pressure points.

The 3D massaging "hands" follow movements and operate functions derived directly from massage techniques of professional masseurs. In addition, intelligent systems scan body lines ensuring that every movement follows the correct path in every situation. The mapping of pressure points is very precise and the presence of numerous pre-set programs allows us to have the possibility to choose our favorite massage, without anything forbidding us to set our favorite massage in the way we want: a large number of airbags, air pumps and rollers in fact allows a high number of possibilities. In automatic we can choose between 6 preset programs:

Relax: for the evening, not too long, to dispose of all the fatigue of the day.
Total: complete massage, which touches every focal point in a scientific way.
Neck and shoulders: particularly suitable for those suffering from cervical, but highly enjoyable by anyone.
Painkiller: melts and warms muscles, inspired by the Gua Sha method of the Eastern tradition.
Back and hips: suitable for everyone, but especially for those who want to reactivate or relax the lower limbs.
Comfortable: for the elderly, total but sweet. particularly relaxing and with benefits also for the skin.

The electric back, the possibility to customize the components, the quality composition and the elegant design are just some of the possibilities offered by this excellent professional massage chair. Thanks to iRest Suttle we can always have at our disposal all the relaxation and health we need every day.