Custom-made sofa entirely covered with duvet

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Collection: Sofas

Solid Alexandrine poplar with interlocking elements
Lifetime guaranteed structure

Straps Intes Elastbelt 780/4

High-density polyurethane Olmo SR75
the sofa is covered in all its parts in Cinelli duvet

- With differentiated zones: lympha 40
- High-density breathable memory foam
- cinelli quilt

armchair 85 x 110 x 83h cm
two-seater sofa 165/202 x 110 x 83h cm
three-seater sofa 245/302 x 110 x 83h cm
ottoman 80x 52 x 33 h cm
other measures on request

Product entirely made with an artisanal process and therefore customizable in dimensions, shapes and coatings. The fabrics are pre-washed before packing to avoid any narrowing