Plane Grés 03

by Alpa Srl

Modular bathroom furniture in Grés

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Collection: Plane Grés

Elegant bathroom furniture in white Grés.

The line top of the PLANE program. The Grčs facades, in 14 finishes, make unique proposals with a strong emotional content.

A minimalist evolution of the 3D program and can reflect the user's personality. It is proposed to a user who likes simple and rigorous forms. Also in this program, as in the 3D program, its main feature is the perimeter throat and the 45 ° cut between doors and shoulders. Compared to the 3d program, it offers a wide range of finishes, matt lacquers, glossy lacquers, natural wood finishes, stained wood, antique woods, techno and stoneware. The lacquered finishes are available in the colors of the synthesis 2 folder, 18 wood finishes, 18 techno finishes and 14 stoneware finishes. The wood finishes are also available in opaque lacquers. The standard equipment is rich and complete as in the 3d program. Wooden, quartz, technical marble, grés, whitebrill and whitestone tops, all with integrated support or with blade water discharge, complete a proposal with a high formal quality.