Sense comp.06


Modular bathroom furniture, with large mirror

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Collection: Atelier

Base units with Fenix Bianco Malč doors and end panels, Fenix Grigio Londra open unit and top with integrated washbasin. “Side” mirror.

Modular dynamism and Fenix material express a modern furnishing style like single pictures of modernity that has become the undisputable protagonist.

Sense, the new bathroom furniture collection by AQUA revolves around the concept of materials: its aesthetic inspiration blends technically advanced materials with hard-wearing textured wood finishes, like the solid sandblasted Teak wood. The Fenix NTM laminate, created with using nanotechnologies, gives the highest aesthetic and functional performance: it’s fingerprint-proof, soft to the touch, and extremely matt. Installation is customizable as well: the bathroom washbasins can be integrated in the furniture or freestanding. Sense’s bathroom cabinets and vanities are all about a visual but above all tactile experience that lets you rediscover a new connection between design, texture and advanced product innovation.

W 183,6 x D 50 cm