Veneta Sedie Trading Srl - City Resort Ville sull'Arno

Florence - Italy

Ville sull’Arno is an ancient Florentine villa along the bank of the river Arno that the group Planetaria Hotels restructured and renewed in 2014, thanks to the creativity of Francesca Fezzi and Elisabetta Frazuoli from the FZI-INTERIORS studio.

Restaurant, suites and living zone’s seats were made by Veneta Sedie. We were able to understand the needs of the designer and we made unique and personalized products.

  • Personalised Pozzetto chairs for the dining room
  • Personalized armchair for a room
  • Personalized counter and stools for the bar and breakfast zone
  • Personalized table for a room

City Resort Ville sull'Arno