Varaschin Spa - Private house

Beijing - China

Villa Pechino

Private house - Beijing

A luxurious property located in the center of Beijing, capital of China. The connection between interior and exterior spaces as well as of nature and architecture characterizes this project. The minimal design of Summer set collection by Varaschin Outdoor Therapy and designed by Christophe Pillet matches with the essential and refined style of the private villa, creating a perfectly balanced environment between shapes and colors. The powder coated steel structure of the Summer set armchair recalls the decoration on the cement floor in the garden, creating a nice geometrical effect of weaved lines. This project is a perfect example of indoors and outdoors mix and match which enhances peace, balance and serenity.

Project: Chongqing Easyjobs
Principal Architect: Change Studio
Retailer in Chicago: IQmatics
Beijing, China