Very smart radiator with modern shape, freestanding

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Collection: Elements

Sensuality and plasticity are combined in Milano to form a sinuous, sculptural unit that synthesizes the desire for formal experimentation. Milano can be installed on walls or free standing on the floor. Milano can be installed on the wall, it can be free-standing. Thanks to a special support base, the free-standing version enables you to create solutions that provide a great visual effect. It is made of painted steel 13x26 cm (HxL) modular elements, and is available in water and electric versions. It is also available in the brand-new ceiling version, made possible by a particular fitting and by a type of absolutely innovative connection, which represents the most advanced ceiling installation technique, and expresses the search for solutions which are alternative to wall installations: Milano comes in this version with a tie studs kit in seven different heights (from 40 up to 150 cm) that can position the radiator at the desired height from the ceiling.

Designer: Antonia Astori & Nicola De Ponti