Stairs shape radiator, with electric power supply

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Collection: Elements

Scaletta is one of the new radiators which join the Elements collection by Tubes Radiatori for 2014. And it has all it takes to be considered part of the collection in its own right, combining projects whereby the radiator, reinterpreted by internationally acclaimed designers, is designed as an element of the architectural structure, with a strong personality and furnishing ability.
The design of Scaletta is a far cry from traditional radiator shapes: the ladder is an immediate object, which needs no explanations to be understood because it is part of everyone's imagination. Scaletta is so far removed from the idea one would normally have of a radiator - which is instinctively conceived as an "object that decorates and that heats" - offering in addition the utmost freedom of positioning it in any part of the room: from the bathroom to the kitchen, living room and even the bedroom. What's more, since it does not require installation, you can move it to another room in the home if necessary, and also take it with you when you move home.
With an electric power supply, Scaletta is made of aluminium in a wide range of Tubes colours, and it is available in two versions: wall-mounted and free-standing, both of which come with a pulley which winds up the electric cable. The wall-mounted version is available in two sizes (180 cm high x 51 cm wide x 30 cm deep ľ 135 cm high x 47 cm wide x 30 cm deep), and the free-standing version is available in a single size (100 cm high x 510 cm wide x 29 cm deep). Both versions are accessorised with a hook and a sponge tidy. The floor-standing version can also be fitted with a practical storage shelf.

Design: Elisa Giovannoni