Finlandia fabric 3-seater

by Orsitalia Sas

Classic sofa made by skilled craftsmen

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Collection: Sofas

Sofas and armchairs and Throne model FINLANDIA in luxury contemporary New Baroque or Classic Baroque deluxe , with modern finishes and classic fabrics or colored finishes combined with design fabrics or leather; offered in two alternatives : Classic Baroque and contemporary New Baroque from Orsitalia . Finlandia’s sofa, armchair, small and big tables or ottoman are in real carved wood and handicraft products, they are manufactured 100 % in Italy by skilled artisans of Orsiitalia . This classic piece of furniture embodies the charm of the Baroque period and its beauty is enhanced by coating with contemporary classics precious fabrics that make this Baroque model of a timeless elegance , suitable for both a luxurious lounge, from luxury baroque classic design that in a living room from luxury minimalist design lounge .
The production of all the handmade Finlandia baroque sofas, armchairs, coffee & side table and Throne of the collections ORSITALIA is characterized by the highest quality standards, typical of the best Italian craftsmanship, which is characterized by the exclusive use of selected raw materials and a careful attention to every detail, to ensure to our luxury furniture a perfect durability over the time.
The Finlandia sofa is available in different sizes to fit in any kind of location . This model offers endless customization possibilities thanks to a wide range of leather, fabrics and finishes, even fire resistant. This make the Finlandia sofa and armchair a perfect choice also for contract use. Unleash your imagination.

Sofa 4 places: cm L. 270 x D. 85 x H. 123
Sofa 3 places: cm L. 216 x D. 85 x H. 123
Sofa 2 places: cm L. 170 x D. 85 x H. 120
Armchair: cm L. 95 x D. 88 x H. 110
Throne: cm L. 100 x D. 86 x H. 136
Footrest Small: cm L. 60 x D. 60 x H. 45/55
Footrest Medium: cm L. 80 x D. 80 x H. 45/55
Ottoman Large: cm L. 120 x D. 120 x H. 45/55
End Table small: cm L. 60 x D. 60 x H. 45/55
Coffee Table Medium: cm L. 80 x D. 80 x H. 45/55
Coffee Table Large: cm L. 120 x D. 120 x H. 45/55

Especially suitable for Hotels, Houses, Villas.