by Orsitalia Sas

White baroque sofa

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Italian bespoke Neoclassical total white loveseat or walnut stained classic living room set customizable by ORSITALIA. REGALE 3-seater, 2-seater and armchair with tall backrest have a smoothed frame in strong beech wood with few elegant carvings made by ORSITALIA's craftsmen, 100% in ITALY.Regale's tall backrest has a beautiful wooden frame, smooth with swing bergere big ears and a baroque central crown. REGALE Deco Interior Design loveseats and 3-seater sofas L. 190 with high backrest are suitable also for classic offices of notaries or lawyers because all Orsitalia's Neoclassical living room furniture are custom-made according to needs of customers. ORSITALIA ranges from modern upholstery and finishes to classic wooden upholstery and finishes with vintage leathers. REGALE little 2-seater sofa can be used also into an entrance or little corner, due to little space needed, but it will always catch the eyes with elegance of all your guests. REGALE living room sets are produced by Orsitalia in Brianza Area, close to Milano - Italy. Regale's fine carved wood frame, Art Deco style, is hand lacquered or gilted with customized handicfraft upholstery. ORSITALIA, thanks to his skillness in producing baroque, classic and contemporary Italian forniture since year 1955, offers an extra customization giving the possibility to their customers to make a luxury embroidery on the sofas' plain and tall backrest. Orsitalia offers a wide choice of fire resistant textiles for public use (shops, hotel, restaurant, cruise ships, luxury classic resorts), also classic luxury satins.
Sofa 2-seater: cm L. 160 x D. 82 x H. 118
Sofa 3-seater: cm.L. 200 x D. 82 x H. 118
Armchair: cm L. 76 x D. 82 x H. 113
White loveseat in photo has sizes on demand: cm L. 130 x D. 82 x H. 118